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because you deserve more than just

this is about real love & the moments that matter

You don't want a photographer who shows up for a certain number of hours to snap a certain number of photos. Anyone can do that, and you're looking for something more

You want to remember the things that you know deep within your bones.

Like how you subconsciously lean towards each other when you're casually chatting. Or how you intertwine fingers when you hold hands. Like how good it feels when they wrap you in a bear hug. Or that moment just before you part when you twirl your fingers through their hair.

This is about the little moments that we instinctively know, but often forget. I'm not here to pose you and make you look like every other couple. I'm here to capture YOU and what makes your love story different. 

I make working with me as fun as possible. This isn't about me - it's about you. Your love, the things you love, and what's important to you. What captivates me are the little moments between you when you're relaxed, having fun, and being yourselves.

I guide and direct you, but everything I do is with movement in mind.

My style is unposed, unfiltered, and earthy. I want to create something with you that you can keep forever.

Of course I'll get the posed photos that Mom loves, but my goal is to create something unique with you that no one else can replicate. 

So text me pics of your dress.
Let's chat on the phone about all your dreams and plans.
Let's get messy and wind blown while we're on an adventure.
Get ready for a chill - yet epic - experience.

My Approach is simple

you're happiest when you're

being yourselves



Thank you sooooo much for the absolutely beautiful photos! you really captured our essence, passion, love and special moments that we will cherish forever. You're amazing and I'm so grateful for all of your work and energy!"

 - Caitlyn + Cory

"these photos mean the world to us!

Danielle is AMAZING. My boyfriend and I shot with her while she was visiting Montreal with her friend Mary and we had the most amazing experience ever. My boyfriend tends to be a bit camera shy but they did an amazing job at making us feel comfortable. Danielle not only captured the most beautiful shots of us but also us at our most authentic."

- Jennifer + Etienne

"For anyone looking for a photographer- stop your search here! She's the one!!

Danielle photographed our wedding in Punta Cana. Not only is she VERY TALENTED but she is professional, helpful, funny and easygoing! She was so helpful the day of the wedding from helping with makeup to tying the boutonnieres on the groomsmen to just name a few! We've made a life long friend and can't wait for another opportunity to hire her! xoxo

- Katie + Nathan




What do you shoot?

Where are you located? 

Do you travel?

I shoot couples, elopements, maternity, and intimate weddings under 100 guests. These are my absolute favourite things to shoot, and when I'm at my best both personally and creatively!

Yes!! I love to travel, and do my best work when I'm exploring and in the outdoors. My bucket list destinations are Greece, Turkey, San Juan Islands, Haida Gwaii Rainforest, New Zealand, Patagonia, and Scotland (and to go back to India + Ireland!)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - a beautiful green city close to the border of Quebec!

*frequently asked questions - answered.


Can we do a payment plan?

What do we wear?

Do you pose us? We're super awkward!

We're thinking about eloping but have no idea where to start. What do we do?

How long have you been doing photography? 

What does the booking process look like? 

Yes, for sure! 30% is due as a non-refundable retainer to hold your date, but the remainder can be broken down into a payment plan that works for you, and you can pay with a credit card online.

Don't stress! I send you my what to wear guide, Pinterest boards, and help you feel comfortable, look amazing, and have a great time!

I help direct and prompt you, and guide you into certain movements, but don't "pose" you. I much prefer the fun, fluid, candid images that happen when you're NOT trying to look a certain way. I'll guide you through the entire process, so don't stress about any stray hairs blowing across your face or what to do with your hands!

ELOPEMENTS ARE THE BEST!!! You can check out my Elopement Guides for tips, resources, and planning help. (Feel free to bookmark these pages to save as a reference for later!)

And keep scrolling to see more Elopement FAQs!

After you reach out via my contact form, I'll shoot you some info, and we set up a time to chat and get to know each other. When you're ready to book, a 30% non-refundable retainer holds your date, and then I send you more guides and planning resources! The remainder is due one month before your wedding date and two days before your session date.

Professionally, almost ten years. But I started in high school which was many, many, maaaany years earlier...like, dark room years earlier - lol! Photography is my full time job and I love getting to run around and explore with awesome couples while running my own business!

What is an elopement, anyway?

A lot of people think that to elope is to run away together to get married, with no friends or family present. If that sounds amazing to you, then go for it! But the truth is -

Whether you have 3 guests or 35 of your closest friends or family, an elopement is a wedding day that means something to YOU. You can ditch whatever wedding traditions don't speak to you, and hold tight to the ones that do. 

Your elopement can be 40 family members gathered at Muskoka lakeside cabins to celebrate you together; hiking across the countryside in Ireland to exchange vows in private; a rock and roll ceremony at your fave brewery; or a handful of friends watching you get married on a quiet beach on the coast. 

what's the difference between a wedding and an elopement? 

Whether you have 2 guests or 20, you can still call it an elopement.

It's about crafting an experience that means something to you, rather than following the traditional rules of what a wedding "should" be and losing sight of your deeper WHY in the process. I've photographed small weddings with 35 guests that had the same vibes and intimacy as a 2 person elopement.

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