Capturing your love story in a way that means something to you

Heyyy! I'm Danielle Aisling (pronounced "Ash-leen"). I'm an extroverted introvert, avid journaler, and love taco restaurants, margaritas, and getting caught in the rain (no, but seriously). I would much rather hike to an epic view for your wedding day than be inside in an air conditioned room, and prefer when you show up for your session in ripped jeans, old sneakers, and your favourite hat. Basically, I'm chill and want to have fun, and I want to make sure that you do too!

01. Thermos

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02. Journal

03. Camera

04. Playing cards

05. Blanket


I make working with me as fun as possible. This isn't about me - it's about you. Your love, the things you love, and what's important to you. What captivates me are the little moments between you when you're relaxed, having fun, and being yourselves. I guide and direct you, but everything I do is with movement in mind. My style is unposed, unfiltered, and earthy. I want to create something with you that you can keep forever.

My Approach*

you're happiest when you're

being yourselves

*is pretty simple.

I've now been in my relationship for 10 years. Which is craaaazy. And it's always in the new, challenging, soul-baring moments that myself and my partner learn about each other, grow together, and end up closer than ever. So I don't want to encourage you to follow trends. To do things that make everyone else around you happy at the expense of your dreams or desires. I don't want you to settle for what's "good enough". I want to help you expand, say no to what you don't want, HELL YES to that crazy, big, beautiful vision you've been dreaming of, and hold space so the two of you can go out and just have the best experience of your freaking lives together. 

My Why*

It's about sharing an experience that

solidifies how you feel about each other

*is about more than just pretty photos.

I grew up in a small city and spent my childhood on boat trips and in the woods. My dad was M├ętis and French, my mom is from Ireland. I remember walking through fields taller than I was and reaching my hands up in the air to graze the tops of the grass. I remember hiking along fence lines with my sisters for hours and jumping into freezing spring streams to swim. Being in nature is when I'm happiest, and my love of exploring means I'm always reading, learning, and dreaming. I'm a hippie at heart, love the earth, and will never say no to good vegetarian food.

My Favourite Things*

yoga. running. coffee in the morning. my sunroom. plants in every corner of the house. slow summer days. hiking. traveling.

laughing with my cutie-pie daughter and my handsome hubs. my bulldog Mazoo (aka Marshall aka The Cutest Puppy in the World).

*and my deepest loves.