I'm a traveling elopement and small wedding photographer ready to venture across Iceland, climb the Rocky Mountains, or hang out at your campsite with your entire family (and your dogs).

if you want to plan your wedding day with intention…

if you value experiences over things, and people over productions… 

if you prioritize time spent with the important people in your life…

Then we might just be the perfect fit.

hey, I'm Danielle! 

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My goal as your photographer is to empower you to plan a day that fits your

I like my chai lattes with nut milk, my yoga pants lulu, and my nachos very heavily cheesed.

I'm a yoga + fitness lover, mom, frequent adventure seeker, aspiring globe trotter + am always down for new experiences. 

values, vibes + vision 


01. Thermos

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02. Journal

03. Camera

04. Playing cards

05. Blanket


Not only is she VERY TALENTED but she is professional, helpful, funny and easygoing! She was so amazing and captured exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't be happier with her - and we've made a friend for life!"

"We've made a friend for life!"

- Kate + Nathan

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a) run a marathon

b) swim with sharks 

c) go a month with no exercise or physical activity

a) live in a mountain home

b) have an airstream and a Jeep 

c) have no permanent address and travel the world

a) go to a new country

b) revisit a country you haven't been to for years

c) stay home

a) go for drinks with friends

b) hike all day and have a celebratory beer at the top

c) go on a cruise for 2 weeks

a) watch Desperate Housewives

b) watch Lucifer 

c) watch Schitt's Creek

d) watch The Office

if you got As or Bs...

quiz time!


did we just become best friends?!

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would you rather...

These are some of my fave places that I've visited and shot in:

- Mexico
- India
- Hawaii, USA
- Cuba
- Jamaica
- Ireland
- Maine, USA
- Vermont, USA
- Florida, USA
- San Francisco, CA, USA
- Golden, BC 
- Banff National Park
- Algonquin Provincial Park

travel is good for the soul

I never feel more myself than when I'm someplace new. Exploring and adventuring in a new (or oft-visited!) place is amazing, and I have my "go bag" pretty well packed always. 

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