Danielle Aisling photographer, beach shoot

Heyyyy - I'm Danielle!

Most days you can find me making pancakes for my daughter, running with her and our bulldog Marshall to catch the school bus, and then setting out to grab a coffee, get some work done, and hit up a yoga class or go for a run.

I'm mostly known for wedding photography, but I also love yoga, running and fitness, having dance parties in my living room, and eating amazing vegetarian meals!

People often refer to me as passionate, caring, creative, approachable, and fun, and I've been called an incredible hugger on more than one occasion (don't believe me? Just bring it in!).

I love serving the world by showing people how beautiful they truly are - not just on the outside, but by discovering little pieces of your personality, persona and passions that you may not see as gorgeous or unique, and presenting them to you in a different light.

The things I am most passionate about in life are being a mom (not a regular mom - I'm a cool mom ;) ), long sweaty runs, daily meditation, yoga, having coffee with friends, my neck pillow (it's seriously THE BEST!), my family, and living every single day as if it's a new experience and I know nothing - because when we're not afraid to let "I know" fall away, we learn so much about ourselves and what we desire from life.

I photograph weddings and couples, and I seek to inspire people who are yearning for more than a pretty picture - who are totally into new adventures, getting dirty, aren't afraid to be silly or goofy, and who want to see where the path unknown takes them. I serve those who are adventurous, who love to travel and try new things, and want something tangible to add more meaning to life at this stage, without just collecting more "stuff".

I consider myself lucky to remind them that there's no rewind button in life - that whatever you desire is there in your heart for a reason, and the time to make that happen is now.

When I’m not busy taking photos, you can catch me:

on the beach - it's my happy place!

• walking around my Ottawa neighbourhood with my bulldog Marshall (aka Mamoozies, aka cutest dog ever)

• on my meditation pillow

• daydreaming about traveling to Morocco, Iceland, Italy, or Spain

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

1. I won my eighth grade science fair for making my own camera and developing my own prints in a makeshift darkroom

2. I've completed 2 half marathons (that's 21.1 kms, just FYI)

3. My longest-surviving and most closely held daydream is that I'm capable of fighting off a group of bad guys a la Jackie Chan

4. I love peanut butter and would eat it with every meal if it were socially acceptable, and will alllways steal an extra piece of cake at a wedding

5. I'm an adventurer at heart and love to travel, and while I've never thrown a backpack over my shoulder to head off to the other side of the world, it's always been a dream of mine

Still here? Let’s connect!

Danielle Aisling Beach Shoot Windy

A few things I love...

- My daughter Paige, my fiancé Scott, and my bulldog Marshall (aka Mamoozies)

- Adventure + traveling

- Coconut chai lattes

- Voluntarily participating in marathons (seriously, just for fun)

- Yoga (I'm a certified yoga teacher!)

- Beaches, palm trees, saltwater... you get the idea ;)

- Playing hooky to go to the movies with my daughter...