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I’m a travelling wedding + elopement photographer based out of Ottawa, Canada. When I’m not working from my boho, pine-infused home office, you can find me skiing, hiking, hitting up a yoga class, or traveling to a new country.

Heyyy, I'm Danielle!

I’m a travelling wedding + elopement photographer based out of Ottawa, Canada. When I’m not working from my boho, pine-infused home office, you can find me skiing, hiking, hitting up a yoga class, or traveling to a new country.


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Another thing about me - I make sure that my best friends have THEIR version of the most amazing, unique, and perfect wedding day ever… and guess what? That’s you. 

I'm about more than just a pretty picture.

I will take beautiful photos of you. But I have a deep desire to create something more than that. This is about capturing the way you feel about each other. Capturing who you are, and more importantly, who you are together. Cause when you're with The One, your best self shines through, and that's something worth documenting.

who i am

this is who I am. 

My partner and I have been together for almost 9 years. We have a beautiful, energetic, hilarious 7 year old daughter who lights me up like nothing else. Scott is handsome, bearded, stokes up the woodstove for me when I'm freezing in the winter, and is just generally good at everything (which is super annoying but also handy). He proposed at a tiny, private cabin in front of a roaring campfire, with mountain views in the distance. 


this is who I am. 

Our bulldog Marshall is affectionately known as The House Donkey, because if ever there were another creature whose soul so accurately matched his, Winnie the Pooh's pal Eeyore would be it. 


this is who I am. 

I love to travel and have a very long bucket list. I've been in India, Ireland, Mexico, Cuba, Northern California, Maine, all over Ontario, Jamaica, Hawaii... My big dream involves going to Moab, Utah (or the Sahara, whichever works) and racing and camping in our Jeep. 


this is who I am. 

My hobbies include hiking, biking, skiing, yoga, watching ridiculous comedies, being with our daughter and playing and making memories, giving our pup belly rubs first thing in the morning, slowly killing all of our houseplants (even after switching to succulents), and spending time with the people I love. 


what's most important?  

Taking Marshall for walks through the bush, quietly colouring with my daughter, dancing around each other while we make breakfast on the weekends, chilling in the backyard, and just being present. This is the stuff that matters - the real stuff. This is what I want to capture, because it's real and it's raw and it's YOU. 


"Danielle is seriously amazing!"

"All of our guests commented on how professional, sweet and easy she was to work with. She worked her little butt off for us and I cannot express enough gratitude toward her!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for photographing our special day! Danielle - love and friendship now and always - you’re stuck with us now! :p”

- Kaitlin + Kyle

1 / 5

"if you want to feel the moment all over again, danielle is the person for you"

Danielle can turn the most ordinary of scenes into a spectacular photograph, not just in composition and light, but in the way she captures the essence of a moment, the feeling, the truth of each and every person photographed. She somehow captures who people are and their connections to others, making her more artist than photographer. If you want to feel the moment all over again, Danielle is the person for you.

She's also charming, adventurous, open and genuinely wants to do the best for her clients. You simply can't go wrong!

- Nadine + Chris

2 / 5

"the best decision ever!"

 “We searched forever and couldn’t find anyone we liked…then we found Danielle (and everything we ever needed!). Not only did we bond and have an unforgettable time, we got amazing photos that we can look back on for a lifetime!”

-Emilie + Calvin

3 / 5

"flippin' amazing!"

"Not only did she take amazing photos, but she was an absolute blast to be around! Her laugh is totally contagious and she's amazing at what she does! HIRE HER to do your elopement, you will NOT regret it!"

- Tara + Mike

4 / 5

"we couldn't be happier!"

"Not only is she VERY TALENTED but she is professional, helpful, funny and easygoing! She was so amazing and captured exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't be happier with her - and we've made a friend for life!"

- Katie + Nathan

5 / 5

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what's it like to work with danielle? 

01. Sunscreen + hat / gloves + hat

I'm ready for the beach or the snow! Wherever you see your adventure, I'm there and I'm prepped for it. 


Don't worry, I bring extra. Don't want anyone getting hangry. 

I think this one goes without saying!

In case we decide we want to chill and take a break! 

In case I feel the need to make you guys roll around on the ground...

02. Protein bars

03. Camera

04. Playing cards

05. Blanket


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