fine art albums

we live in a digital age.

When was the last time you went through your computer hard drive to look at photos? Or an online photo gallery? Or scrolled through the camera roll on your phone?

Digital images are amazing for so many reasons, and I'm not knocking them!

When I was young my mom had what felt like never ending stacks of photo albums, all filled with black and white Kodak prints, each piece of paper containing a story. 

We sat, we flipped through the pages, we asked "who's that?" and  "where was this taken?" and "is that what you WORE?!" (if only my 90s era child  self could have appreciated all that amazing 70s style...)

As an adult, I don't necessarily remember all the pieces of my childhood, or my parent's  childhoods, or their parents. But when I flip through an album, little pieces and stories come back to me. 

then you already know the value of printing your photos.

If you can remember flipping through those  albums, laughing at the outfits, commenting "you look so young!", realizing how hot and in love and cool your parents were back in the day...

but What if we could enjoy our photos the way we used to?


the tiny, split second interactions between you and your people that you don't even realize have happened

the joy that fills you up as you look at the person that you're head over heels in love with

that moment that the rest of the world fell away and the only sound you heard was your own voice saying “I do”

Decades from now, these are the moments you'll want to remember.
so let's create something to make those beautiful memories tangible.

album options

choose your size

Choose between three different sizes; 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12. I usually recommend the 12x12 for weddings + elopements, and the 8x8 or 10x10 for sessions.







select a cover colour

There are two types of cover material to choose from:
linen + vegan leather.

Each option has several colours, so  you have 9 cover choices in total - check them out below!

decide if you want debossing

Adding on debossing is a beautiful and simple way to  personalize your album. You can put just  your names,  add the date, or  check out this full blog post  to see different ways to personalize your cover!

front & spine debossing


add on duplicate albums 

Also known as parent albums, these are a great addition to gift to family members (parents, grandparents, siblings). They're typically a smaller replica of your own album design. 

duplicate (parent) albums


enjoy your gorgeous heirloom

You'll be able to actually sit down together with coffee and flip through your album and relive all your favourite memories!

10 spreads (20 pages)
custom designed
custom cover selection
online proofing preview

each album design includes:

3 sizes

9 cover options

custom debossing


cover options

vegan leather

super matte camel

burnished vintage brown

super matte arizona

rugged black

vintage orange cotton

warm grey

golden wheat

mustard cotton

vintage green

let's create something

 beautiful together

As many as you want! I love a clean, uncluttered layout so I can tell  a story with your  images  - so if you have a lot of favourites that you want to include, you can always add more spreads. Your album comes with 10 spreads (20 pages) included, but you can add additionals at $50 per spread.

I cover the shipping for you! The only extra charges are if you'd like to add on debossing ($25), extra spreads ($50 per spread), or to rush your order ($200).

Absolutely! The rush fee to have your album processed and shipped faster is $200. 

Yes! I use an online design software that has proofing pages, so I'll send you photos of exactly what your album will look like. You have up to 3 revisions included, so we'll work together to make it perfect. ;)

Let's get started!