The Yoga Sessions - FAQs


I'm nervous that I'm not photogenic. How will I know what to do? 

Honestly, most people get a bit nervous when they know there's going to be a camera on them - but I take pride in being a fun-loving weirdo and breaking the ice in the best of ways to make you laugh and let your guard down. I steer away from intense posing and instead focus on your breath and experience and capture you being you. 

If you feel called to do a photo shoot - or anything scary and outside of your comfort zone, for that matter - then go for it. Don't wait until you lose those last ten pounds or nail your handstand, or tell yourself that once you amass the lulu collection of your dreams, you'll do all the things. Just stop. There will never be a perfect time, nor will there ever be a perfect you. You are perfect as you are, and that's how I invite you to show up. :) 

What should I wear? 

Clothing - I usually recommend having at least two outfits, and layering as much as possible to get different looks (i.e. a cute sports bra under a tank with a jean jacket or leather jacket thrown over top). If you have a logo-heavy outfit that you're pumped to wear (helloooo, Instagram #fashiontags), then definitely bring it, but combos of solids and patterns with no logos always look best. 

Hair - Loose and carefree is best to start, and I usually recommend bringing elastics or bobby pins in case you need to put it up halfway through. Don't go too crazy styling - loose waves or your natural curls are perfect. 

Makeup - It seems counterintuitive - we don't usually put on more makeup to go do yoga - but wear heavier makeup than you normally would for a regular day or outing. Bright daylight or sunlight can make you look washed out, so accentuating your eyes, lips and cheeks will make your features stand out. 





where will the photos be taken? 

This is where the magic starts! Do you love the outdoors and a warm golden sunset? Do you have a favourite studio with exposed brick walls and big, light soaked windows that you'd love to do your shoot in? This is where we let your love take the lead, and start our location hunt based on how you feel. Keep in mind that studio rental fees are not included in the cost of the shoot. :)


Do i need to be able to do crazy challenging poses?

Not even a little bit. So don't freak out if you're dying to do a yoga shoot but are petrified it's going to be all side crow, peacock, fallen angel and one-armed handstands. Whatever is in your practice is what we shoot, and if you're not feeling something, we go for what feels right. I'm also a certified yoga teacher and can adjust alignment, provide cues and make sure that you're comfortable and in control. 

What if I'm not a yoga teacher? 

If you're a yoga teacher and you need updated photos for your website, social media, or advertising, then this is a great fit! If you're not a yoga teacher? Still a great fit! Why? Because anything that brings flow and joy to your life - anything that's a passion as much as it is a dedicated practice - is worth documenting. Even if you decide to never share these photos with anyone, you'll have created a living, colourful expansion of your practice that you can keep and cherish.

How much is it for a session + when will my photos be ready?

Session fees are $500 (taxes in) and are payable by cash or e-transfer. A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot, and the rest is due the day of your shoot. 

Your photos will be ready to download via an online gallery 2-3 weeks after your shoot. The images can be available sooner for an additional rush fee.