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The biggest thing we feel is missing from the wedding and elopement industry right now is the space and opportunity to build a small, tight knit, and supportive community.

The comparison game is strong, and it’s so easy to fall into a “less than” mindset. (random IG rabbit holes got you down?! We so get it!)

Yes, there are resources online. Yes, there are online groups where you can network and seek support. Yes, there are a million ways to learn and grow and evolve your business.

But as much as we wanted to create a space for photographers to learn, we also wanted to build a FAMILY. ❤

One where you can show up, ask allllll the questions, and learn in a safe space. Where you go home at the end of our time together knowing that whenever you need help, your new fam is just a message or DM away.


for badasses ready to run wild with their biz

We want you to be able to show up, tap into your creativity and power, and JUST FKN RUN WILD WITH IT.

The OG Run Wild 2020 Gang livin it up in Prince Edward County

january 2020

Mont-Tremblant, QC, Canada

march 2020

British Columbia, Canada

may 2020

Asheville, NC, USA

june 2020

port elgin, ontario, canada

july 2020

northern ontario, canada

Elopement Photography Workshop

2020 fall workshops



Tofino, British Columbia

Mont-tremblant, quebec

This workshop made me a better human. It made me slow down and enjoy the moments. It exposed my weaknesses, and encouraged me to be better, instead of shaming me. It gave me focus and perspective.

Anyone can go and pick up a camera and take “good photos” but this workshop taught me how to be an amazing, truthful, and real person for my clients. To give them attainable goals at their session and to truly make it about THEM and not my Instagram feed.

I’m just so blessed to have been a part of this experience to have met so many wonderful people. My people. This industry can be so lonely at times but once you find your people the doors are blasted WIDE OPEN.

I am so thankful for what this experience taught me, what these two taught me, and for the huge perspective shift for my own life and the way I want to raise my children. Thank you so much Danielle + Mary for this workshop, your hospitality, and now friendship! ❤️

"this workshop made me a better human."

 - Sarah, Sarah Djafri

"I can't even begin to explain how worth it this was!"

People keep asking me if it was worth it since I came back - 

I can't even begin to explain how much knowledge, how much content I gained, how many amazing people I met, and how many connections I made! 


about your hosts

I’m 100% Asian. Born in the Philippines, I grew up in the prairies and currently live in Ottawa, ON with my boyfriend Joao and our two rescue cats, Parker and Piper.


When I’m not working from my boho home office, you can find me skiing with my daughter and fiance, hiking, hitting up a yoga class, or traveling to a new country.

Canadian wedding photographer + cat lover

Canadian elopement photographer + dog lover



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