Elopement FAQs

What is an elopement, anyway?

A lot of people think that to elope is to run away together to get married, with no friends or family present. If that sounds amazing to you, then go for it! But the truth is - 

Whether you have 3 guests or 35 of your closest friends or family, an elopement is a wedding day that means something to YOU. You can ditch whatever wedding traditions don't speak to you, and hold tight to the ones that do. 

Your elopement can be 40 family members gathered at Muskoka lakeside cabins to celebrate you together; hiking across the countryside in Ireland to exchange vows in private; a rock and roll ceremony at your fave brewery; or a handful of friends watching you get married on a quiet beach on the coast. 

an elopement is simply an intimate, intentional wedding day - whatever that looks like to you.

An elopement allows you to create your own dream wedding day that reflects who you are as a couple

what's the difference between a wedding and an elopement? 

I've photographed small weddings with 40 guests that had the same vibes and intimacy as a 2 person elopement.

Whether you have 2 guests or 20, you can still call it an elopement.

It's about crafting an experience that means something to you, rather than following the traditional rules of what a wedding "should" be and losing sight of your deeper WHY in the process.