I'm Danielle, and I'm here to 

your intimate wedding & elopement photographer

Meet Danielle - your Ontario wedding + elopement photographer

When I was young my mom had what felt like never ending stacks of photo albums, all filled with black and white Kodak prints, each piece of paper containing a story. 
We sat, we flipped through the pages, we asked "who's that?" and "where was this taken?" and "is that what you WORE?!" (if only my 90s era child self could have appreciated all that amazing 70s style...)
As an adult, I don't necessarily remember all the pieces of my childhood, or my parent's early years together, or their wedding details. But when I look through those photos, little pieces and memories and stories come back to me. 

Your photos are your legacy to leave behind. 

After everything is said and done - guests have traveled back to their respective homes, your honeymoon is over, you’re living in that post-wed state of total bliss - the only tangible thing you really have are your photos. They’re the part of your day that increases in value over time, and only become more and more priceless. If my house were about to burn to the ground and I had time to grab just ONE thing, it would be my photos. Hands down. 

I know you don’t have time for bullshit, so I’m just going to come out and say it - wedding photos aren’t cheap, but trust me when I tell you THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. It’s not just about the family formals on your mantle or glowy sunset portraits hanging over your couch. It’s about those little moments and feelings that live deep within your bones - the ones you didn’t even realize were being captured. 

those stolen glances

the inside jokes

the way you hold each other when no one else is watching...

that's what I'm here to preserve for you.



I guide and direct you, but everything I do is with movement in mind. Unposed, unfiltered and earthy is what I strive for.


I want to create something with you that you can keep forever. All the little moments, all the big feelings. 


This isn’t about me - it’s about you. Your love, the things you love, and what’s important to you. 


What captivates me are the little moments between you when you’re relaxed, having fun, and being yourselves.